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Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories

You really cant go wrong with a game like this. There is so much to do and was just an overrall well done port from the console. The key difference is new characters and story lines as well as an 80's soundtrack with new songs.

Mass Effect
XBOX 360

Much like Knights of the Old Republic, this game is deep. Great story line and excellent battle system. A game you will definitely want to play all the way through.

Advance Wars - Days of Ruin
Nintendo DS

Like others in the series, you really cant go wrong with these games. My favorite series on the DS to date, a must for those who love turn based strategy. My only complaint is the save system. Before you could save mid-battle on any of the 3 save files. Now mid-battle saves go only to the most recent save file. Other than that, a very fun game.

God of War II

A follow up to the best game in my opinion on the PS2. The graphics are simply amazing and the gameplay is still top notch. If you have a PS2 and have never played the God of War series, get it now.


I have never been a fan of games with a monthly fee (aka Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest, etc....) but this game has changed my mind. If there was enough time in the day I could play this easily over 4 hours a day. It is that good. You can easily spend months looking for new items, doing quests, or haning out with friends. If you have the time and dont mind paying a monthly fee (once you start playing you wont even think about it) you have to get this game. If you are just starting, come to the Windrunner server and look for me. Grendelelf is the name!


This series just keeps getting better. You can literally spend hours not only completing the main missions but doing side things and just exploring. Plus, as usual, the radio stations are awesome along with the thrown in DJs (amazingly Axel Rose is even on there). Most will be turned away because of the violence factor, but don't because this game has just too much to offer.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
XBOX 360

I never really got into these types of games until Ghost Recon. Since then I have been hooked. The single player aspect is pretty decent in this game but where it really shines is in online multi-player. I still have to practice up a bit to even compete with some of these guys online.

Guitar Hero III
XBOX 360

A little better than the second Guitar Hero in that there are more songs by the original artists. Also a lot more difficult than the second. Boss battles are a nice addition. Songs to watch out for: Slayer - Raining Blood, Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast.


Gears of War
XBOX 360

One of the first 360 games that truly takes advantage of the graphics and processing power. I could literally spend hours in online play. I also beat the game on the first two difficulty levels and am about to tackle the third once I finish up some other games. Until Halo 3 comes out, this is by far the best shooter online.

Halo 3
XBOX 360

I thought I would be getting tired of this game by now after the third release, but it just keeps improving. The single player story is still pretty good, but the multi-player is phenomenal.

Call of Duty 4
XBOX 360

My vote for game of the year for 2007. I beat it on 3 different difficulties and could still play more. Another one of those you must get if you have a 360. Also the multi-player is right up there with Halo 3.

Advance Wars - Dual Strike
Nintendo DS

A very addicting strategy game. This is a turned base strategy game where you build up units and try to take over the enemie's bases before they destroy you. One of my favorites so far on the Nintendo DS.

Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime
Nintendo DS

I never even heard of this game until the guys on the IGN podcast were raving about it. A very underlooked game. Its basically an adventure/puzzle game where the goal is to free the 100 slimes captured across the landscape. Along the way you have to engage in tank battles where you pick a crew of three and choose your ammo to try and take out the enemy before they destroy you. Any DS owner who liked Zelda will like this.

Call of Duty 2
XBOX 360

I love games like this because you can just jump in and play for a bit without having to worry about time (which I dont have a whole lot of). I have beat the game on three different difficulty settings and have dabbled in the online play. I heard Call of Duty 3 was awful, so cant wait for Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare to finally come out.
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